Teaching Methodology

The training methodology is unique and includes;

  • Emerging Business Concept Analysis is one of the interesting sessions for our students as it trains them on new emerging concepts in business. Experts will discuss the concepts giving multi-dimensional insights.
  • Industry experts will mentor the student on the various aspects of modern industries and will clear any doubts the student has about the same. This exercise is helping our students in opening up and expressing their difficulties and working on overcoming the same.
  •  The Entrepreneurship Cell identifies and works with students interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Our E Cell mentors the students to develop the entrepreneurship spirit and supports them till they establish their own businesses.
  •  Certification Courses & skills training are some of the most important activities at IBMR. In these, each student after the profile mapping process will be trained on company-specific skills. This enhances the chances of better employment.
  •  Comprehensive News Analysis sessions are most appreciated and accepted which help students to get updated with business happenings and also enrich their analytical abilities of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of current happenings. Sessions also enrich the comprehensive analytical skills of students.
  • Case Study Sessions and discussions are is one of the most important tools to initiate and develop the students thinking and problem-solving abilities. This is one of the important teaching tools at IBMR Business School.
  •  Corporate Lecture Series is the most appreciated teaching tool by students at our school. With a strong network with the corporate world, we have senior industry resource persons delivering domain-specific sessions every fortnight and advising students of what is expected by companies.
  • Company Visits are compulsory as students get more information about company operations and will be able to see the process very closely and link the same with concepts.
  • Individual & Team Projects develop the student’s abilities in working alone and in a team. Preparing the project on the work assigned is is of great importance. The students are very appreciative of this and Projects are very much part of our curriculum.
IBMR Teaching Methodology