Students Opinions

IBMR Student Opinion1

Divya Kale My overwhelming experience begins from the day one, where I felt I am in a corporate world not just in a college, In addition to the marvellous teaching there are varieties of activities conducted in order to find our hidden talents a develop strengths & how to overcome our weakness, being a team. There Is fun & a friendly environment with a good gain of knowledge from well experienced faculties

IBMR Student Opinion2

Gouri Baidya After joining IBMR I got in depth knowledge about management and corporate and also gave me a path to build my career and made me an expert in finance and HR. IBMR has its unique qualities which makes it different from other B-Schools. I really loved and enjoyed the teachng system in IBMR and had wonderful Practical knowledge apart from theory.

IBMR Student Opinion3

Vijayalakshmi H The foreign trip to Singapore and MaIaysia is something unique. I am extremely fortunate that I am a part of it. I am excited about it and the Institute on their part Is doing its best.

IBMR Student Opinion4

Ahmed Khan IBMR Hubballi, provides the platform for every Student to develop skills and Build their personality and get ready to be part of corporate world, with well developed lab, wifi facility, Qualified & experienced staff, IBMR makes us feel the immense pleasure.

IBMR Student Opinion5

Zuber IBMR gave me a vision about my future prospects; I started gaining positive attitude towards my future. I am really happy to be a part of IBMR, Hubballi because the institute has given me the opportunity to expose myself to the world.

IBMR Student Opinion6

Sangeeta W IBMR was a platform that helped me achieve my dreams and I am really happy to be part of IBMR which has changed my life.

IBMR Student Opinion7

Ganesh Naik As far as the Academic is concerned, the University syllabus provides an excellent foundation for a smooth take off in our respective careers. The co-curricular acivities like industrial exposure have given us an overview of the industrial world. The various orientation programmes have helped us in the development of four personality. I must confess studying at IBMR has been a wonderful experience.

IBMR Student Opinion8

Manjunath Jadhav I had a wonderful experience with IBMR, the day I joined I felt I am top of the world. With well experienced faculties & activities which differentiate us from the students of other institutes. It provides us a platform to develop our skills & makes a good team from students at over the country.