We are glad to announce the most wanted webinar in these times. This webinar is for all the graduates and students in final years who want are courageous to achieve their goals at get placed in the Industry for premium job package (above 15 lakhs per annum).

What to expect from this webinar?
1) What are the most demanded skill sets in the Industry?
2) HR secrets to ensure best package
3) How to program your mind to strategize job search?

Resource Persons:
1) Mr. Indrajit Chatterjee,
Founder and Managing Partner, Masflair

2) Dr. C. Manohar
Ex director Ficcki, BCCCI, Secretary General, Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Vice President, AIIMS India.

3) Prof. Rekha Mahendrakar
Placement Officer, IBMR

Mr. Riyaz Basari, Executive Director, IBMR
Dr. Sadanand Havanagi, Director, IBMR MBA
Mr. Raju Gadag, Administrative Officer, IBMR

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This webinar is sponsored by IBMR Group of Institutions

Posted on 2020-12-01