Facilities & Infrastructure

IBMR has a distinctive and encouraging atmosphere where the focus is on student development, industry exposure, teamwork, cooperation, and healthy competition. IBMR provides excellent campus facilities to fulfil the needs of the students and faculty. Training and mentoring are for smaller student groups in classes which leads to students developing mutually supportive relationships with one another and faculty members. To meet out today's requirements IBMR provided top-class modern, up-to-date amenities and infrastructure with ultra-modern facilities. The caring touch of the IBMR team adds further value over & above the physical infrastructure.

Classrooms :
As with everything at IBMR, classrooms are of the highest standards and are spacious, and air-conditioned, complete with the latest of teaching aids like Audiovisual and Video Recording facility, projection systems and technology, that makes learning at IBMR a truly stimulating and enjoyable experience.

Library :
The IBMR library comprises of national and International textbooks, reference books, journals and magazines, business periodicals, video library, and an e-library. The library halls are convenient, comfortable, well-lit and airy to provide the right atmosphere and ambiance for higher learning. The library is also enriched with study materials, previous exam papers, faculty notes, project reports, and other research materials, etc along with other reference materials.

Other Infrastructure :
Well designed seminar hall, board room, faculty cabins, discussion rooms with adequate yoga hall & business incubation cell for student activities.

Learning Material :
IBMR provides books through library & relevant study material to all students. Besides the relevant study materials provided by the faculty. IBMR also provides a list of publications for ready reference and a bibliography of references to make them search and refer at ease.


Laptop & Wi-Fi :
IBMR provides a complimentary Laptop as part of a learning kit equipped with the latest technology hardware and configured with the latest software and software tools and the campus has built a Wi-Fi facility and access for round the clock.

Hostel Facility :
IBMR offers separate boarding & lodging facilities for men and women students within walk-able distance from campus. These facilities are customized to suit the requirements in terms of different budgets, facilities & comforts. Considering the student's requirements, IBMR offers the accommodation facility in association with leading Hospitality service providers.

Sports Facility :
There is a strong focus on providing leisure and sports activities and the sports lounges are equipped for Table tennis, Carom, Chess and a variety of other indoor and board games. Most of the outdoor sports will be conducted on a regular basis with special support from the active involvement of the student community.

Alumni Association :
Students passing out of IBMR are offered exclusive lifetime membership to a full-fledged and active “IBMR Alumni Association”. This association helps to keep alive personal interaction between both old and new students and opening exciting career and networking opportunities amongst IBMR alumni across the globe.


IBMR has initiated 5 centres

  • 1. Research & Development Centre
  • 2. Learning & Development Centre
  • 3. Entrepreneurship Development
  • 4. Economic Development
  • 5. IBMR start-up & Incubation Centre
  • 6. Women Empowerment Centre