Corporate Council

IBMR offers most innovative and unique Industry Aligned Program which is appreciated and accepted by more than 700 coprorates in India and abroad. With sole objective to offer industry aligned program, IBMR has team of HR experts from various industries who are guiding force to us in all our Industry Exposure initiatives. The experts are from broad spectrum of industries like Finance, Retail, Consulting, IT, Sales & Marketing, Education, KPO's, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Media, Travel, and Energy. These members play key role in Orientation on specialization, skill Analysis, Profile Analysis and mentoring. Students at IBMR are linked with these members for better learning and skill enhancement. So we offer the best opportunity for students to be in touch with HR experts from the beginning of the course.

The Objectives of Corporate Council are:

  • To establish right linkage between the program and industry requirements.
  • To develop and deliver the industry relevant curriculum.
  • To mentor students for Career Planning and better opportunities.
  • To be part of program to continuously enrich and enlarge the scope of industry dimension.
  • The Council aims to help us Create Employable MBA’s .