Alumni Reflections..

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Alok Sunil Somayaji

IBMR is the Best B School in North Karnataka. I Did My BBA and MBA at IBMR .we were fortunate to have faculties who have the qualification to come to the expectations of the corporate world.

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Diana Anthony Team Lead

I am Proud to Inform That it was a wonderful Opportunity for me to do my MBA at IBMR .I gained a Lot of Confidence and Improved My Soft Skills and Domain Knowledge at IBMR it Attribute Success to IBMR.

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Pooja Nayak Tax Consultant

I Was Student of IBMR this B School Moulded and Shown Me a Career Path. am Happy that I Choose IBMR what am Today Because of IBMR.

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Sandesh Madannavar SEO ,Analyst

IBMR taught s us to Face Challenge’s Life’s Ups and Down, and the role of the Citizen for Society Building.

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Vidya Sayannavar CASA Executive

I am extremely thank full to Making Us Corporate ready this was only due the Excellent Faculty we had at IBMR .I have Many Found Memories that will never forget in My Life.

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Nikhita Amblekar Financial Analyst

I am Proud to tell That was Student of IBMR the College Has Very Good Infrastructure, Experienced and Excellent Faculty.


Vinaya K Hasyagar Research Analyst

I AM Extremely Happy to State IBMR is One Of The Best Institute that Nurtured My Skills.

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Gopal Lakkannavar HR Assistant

The IBMR Faculty are a Very Experience d and Great Motivators the Nice Ambience for studies.

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Rehana Mansuri

Before Joining was not sure about my Feature, But now I can say proudly that IBMR was a Right Choice for Bright Future.

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ICICI Prudential

Jeshma Ekbote

IBMR Imparted Right Training and Motivated me to accept the Challenging Job I Thank all My Mentors for the Support.

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Abhishek M A

IBMR has not developed students but has remoulded them which have brought Paradigm Shift in the student’s outlook for helping them to have vibrant Future.

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Swetha Revankar

IBMR Provides Platform For Exploring Opportunities to Unleash the Hidden Talent of The student which makes them to be courageous in their Future

Muthoot Fin

SheakarGouda Financial Advisor

was Dream Come True In IBMR that has Made Me a Social Responsible citizen to Uplift the Values of Society and Family Members’ am in debated for IBMR for the Golden Opportunities

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Swetha Patil

IBMR Has Made Me confident in Taking Risk at all stages to achieve the Success Acknowledge my Sincere gratitude to all My Stalk Holders of IBMR.

ICICI Pru Investment

Sara Bibi Financial Service Manager

IBMR imparted the right training & Motivated me to accept a challenging job in the banking industry. I thank all my professors and the chairman for their support.

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Padmini S. Madhubhave Executive

I am extremely happy to state that IBMR is one of the best that has happened to me. The faculties are very experienced and great motivators. The infrastructure is nice and very nice ambience. I really miss IBMR.

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Practo Technologies

Chintu JainTerritory Sales Manager

IBMR has not only developed students but it has totally remodeled them. IBMR has brought about a paradigm shift in the students' outlook thus catapulting them to a bright future. The students' courage, confidence and knowledge what has been gained is due to IBMR. I am indebted to IBMR.

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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank,Dubai ,UAE

Allwyn C JosephSenior Relationship Manager

IBMR has been a great encouragement in all ways. The faculties and Management are very supportive.

IBMR has moulded us to build our pillars and to face the challenges in life to achieve the power beyond measure.

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Murtaza Izzy Business Development Officer

Progressive Learning is the approach that is followed at IBMR that focuses on the student's ability to identify and tackle business issues rather than simply learn the facts and techniques. The institute has provided a forum for sharing experience and knowledge between the academic, business and services fraternity. All in all, the Institute has helped in shaping and molding the career of every individual into FUTURE MANAGERS and LEADERS.

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Radiance Design Studio

Prasad ShaktiVice President - Operations & Pre sales

I wholeheartedly announce, IBMR has provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself academically as well as boosted my enterprising skills to secure a place in most visible corporate house. The faculties always motivated me to empower myself and in the same time they were very friendly, enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive at all the time.

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Mashreq Bank, Dubai

Mr.Tahir Bidari Relationship Manager

After joining IBMR, I have experienced real self-enrichment & have acquired confidence. IBMR not only emphasizes on management education but also develops students interpersonal skills to the fullest, thus making fully groomed professionals. The unique blend of academics, real world exposure & hands on training made me a completely new person.

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New Indian Express, Mumbai

Santosh Koparder Chief Marketing Manager

'The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives', IBMR has done for me. Thank you IBMR.